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Legislative Relations Members take part in Orange Maroon Legislative Day

Members actively took part in Orange Maroon Legislative day on March 3 in Austin, TX. Orange Maroon Legislative Day is a symbolic gesture of University of Texas and Texas A&M to come together for a single common cause - long term and sustainable funding for both Universities. Alumni from both UT and Texas A&M also attended in order to increase and show their support for Texas's higher education system, particularly University of Texas and Texas A&M University.

Student Body President Mark Gold Addresses Senate Finance Committee

On February 9, 2009, SBP Mark Gold traveled to Austin to speak on behalf of Texas A&M students and testify on the financial needs of the university. This is the first of many trips that Legislative Relations and student leaders will take to ensure that the voice of A&M students are heard in Austin.

To view Mark's testimony, visit
and click on Senate Finance, Feb.9 - Part II.

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